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The Essential Features of Web Hosting: What to Look For 

When selecting the right web hosting plan, it can be a tangled web to know what look out for.  

It’s crucial to ensure it includes key features that will help your website run smoothly and securely.  

Understanding what to be mindful of when choosing a web hosting plan can save you time, money, and potential headaches down the road.  

Let’s guide you through the must-have features that every robust web hosting plan should offer. 

1. Bandwidth 

Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data that can be transferred between your website and its users over a specific period1. It directly affects how quickly your site loads and handles traffic. Higher bandwidth is essential for websites with high traffic volumes or those that host large files, such as videos or high-resolution images. Look for a hosting plan that offers ample bandwidth to accommodate your current and future needs. 

Why Bandwidth Matters: 

  • High Traffic Handling: Adequate bandwidth ensures your site can handle increased traffic without slowing down or crashing. 
  • User Experience: Faster load times keep visitors engaged and reduce bounce rates. 
  • SEO Benefits: Search engines favour faster websites, potentially boosting your search rankings. 

2. Storage 

Storage or disk space, refers to the amount of space available on the server to store your website’s files, including text, images, videos, and databases. Depending on your website’s size and the type of content you plan to host, will base the amount of storage you receive. Ensure your hosting plan provides sufficient storage with the flexibility to upgrade as your site grows. 

Key Considerations: 

  • File Types: Larger files like videos and high-resolution images require more storage. 
  • Content Updates: Frequently updated sites need more storage to handle new content. 
  • Growth Potential: Look for plans that offer easy upgrades to more storage. 

3. Email Hosting 

Email hosting allows you to create professional email addresses that match your domain name (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com)3. This feature not only enhances your brand’s credibility but also offers advanced email management tools, such as spam filters, autoresponders, and webmail access. A good hosting plan should include email hosting with enough accounts to meet your needs. 

Advantages of Email Hosting: 

  • Professional Image: Matching email addresses to your domain name boosts credibility. 
  • Advanced Features: Tools like spam filters and autoresponders improve email management. 
  • Multiple Accounts: Ensure the plan supports enough email accounts for your needs. 

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4. SSL Certificates 

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are essential for securing data transferred between your website and its visitors2. They encrypt the data, ensuring that sensitive information like credit card details and personal data remains private. SSL certificates also boost your website’s credibility and can improve your search engine rankings. Choose a hosting plan that includes free SSL certificates to enhance your site’s security. 

Benefits of SSL Certificates: 

  • Enhanced Security: Protects sensitive data from being intercepted. 
  • Trust and Credibility: Shows visitors that your site is secure. 
  • SEO Advantage: Search engines prefer secure sites, potentially improving your rankings. 

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5. Security Features 

Beyond SSL certificates, robust security features are crucial for protecting your website from cyber threats. Look for hosting plans that offer comprehensive security measures such as DDoS protection, firewalls, regular backups, and malware scanning. These features help safeguard your data and ensure your website remains operational even in the face of attacks. 

Essential Security Features: 

  • DDoS Protection: Prevents distributed denial-of-service attacks. 
  • Firewalls: Shields your site from unauthorized access. 
  • Regular Backups: Ensures your data can be restored in case of a breach. 
  • Malware Scanning: Detects and removes malicious software. 

6. Customer Support

Reliable customer support is invaluable when you encounter issues with your hosting service. Choose providers that offer 24/7 support through various channels like live chat, email, and phone. Responsive and knowledgeable support can help resolve problems quickly, minimising downtime and keeping your website running smoothly. 

What to Look For: 

  • Availability: 24/7 support is crucial for immediate assistance. 
  • Multiple Channels: Support through live chat, email, and phone. 
  • Expertise: Knowledgeable staff who can handle technical issues. 

7. Scalability 

As your website grows, so will its requirements. Ensure your hosting plan offers scalability, allowing you to upgrade your resources like bandwidth, storage, and email accounts without hassle. Scalable hosting plans enable you to adjust to increasing traffic and content demands seamlessly. 

Scalability Factors: 

  • Resource Upgrades: Easy access to more bandwidth and storage. 
  • Flexible Plans: Options to scale up as your site grows. 
  • Future-Proof: Plans that support long-term growth. 

Finding the Best Choice for Your Website

Selecting the right web hosting plan is a critical decision for your website’s success.  

By ensuring your plan includes essential features like ample bandwidth, adequate storage, professional email hosting, SSL certificates, robust security, reliable customer support, and scalability, you’ll set a strong foundation for a smooth and secure online presence.  

At Creative People Web Hosting, we offer comprehensive hosting plans tailored to meet these needs, ensuring your website performs at its best. 


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